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NOW AVAILABLEA New Way to Advance Democracy Worldwide

The Democracy International Fund incentivizes democracy by influencing capital flows in financial markets. Our international equity portfolio is similar to other international equity index products, except it is weighted toward democracy and away from authoritarianism, with the intention of increasing the economic growth of democratic countries and the reverse for authoritarian states.

Our Mission

Shift capital flows to promote democracy and create market-based incentives for democratic reforms.


An Exclusive Partnership

Democracy Investments holds an exclusive license agreement with the publisher of "The Economist," The Economist Group, LTD, for the use of their Democracy Index for financial products globally.

In our view, the Economist’s Democracy Index is the most objective and transparent measure of democracy in existence.

A Democracy Portfolio Weighting

We use The Economist’s Democracy Index as an overlay to create an index that is the product of both market capitalization and democracy weightings.

All World Ex US Index
Starting Universe
The Economist's Democracy Index
Exclusive License Overlay
Democracy Investments International Index®
New Democracy Weighted Index

Our proprietary methodology results in a new democracy weighted index that aligns the portfolio with country democracy scores, resulting in higher allocations in democratic countries and lower in authoritarian regimes.

In short, our product is a way for investors to feel good about investing in democracy and values such as freedom of speech, fair elections and human rights, while enjoying similar returns to a typical international equity portfolio.

Recent News and Insights


Defending Democracy One Dollar at a Time

By Greg Bartalos, RIA Intel

June 2, 2021

RIA Intel interviews CEO Julie Cane about the company's new category and strategy for adding democracy as a factor to the ESG movement.


Your Portfolio May Be Contributing To Authoritarian Aggression

By Christopher Browne, Democracy Investments

March 11, 2022

Democracy Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Christopher Browne, CFA, discusses portfolio influences on foreign policy and makes the investment case for tilting toward Democracy in passive international indices.


Advancing Democracy

By Democracy Investments

April 28, 2022

Democracy Investments’ current overview deck explains the mission, strategy, and approach to shifting capital flows to incentivize democracy by leveraging The Economist’s Democracy Index.


Advancing Democracy Worldwide with Your Investment Dollars

Cathy Curtis, CFP of Financial Finesse, interviews the Democracy Investments team to learn more about their mission, strategy, current events, and how DMCY may add value to your portfolio.


NYSE & Fintech TV Interview

Julie Cane, CEO, and Rick Rikoski, Chief Economist, are interviewed by Vince Molinari, host of the new ETF Rundown series. The discussion includes the Ukraine crisis and how investors can take action now.


NYSE Floor Talk: Julie Cane, CEO, Democracy Investments

Democracy Investments CEO Julie Cane tells us about the asset manager’s mission to shift capital flows to promote democracy and the launch of its first ETF, the Democracy International Fund (DMCY) on NYSE Floor Talk.

Disclosure: These videos represent an assessment of the market environment at a specific point in time and are not intended to be a forecast of future events or a guarantee of future results. This information should not be relied upon by the viewer as research or investment advice regarding the Fund or any security in particular.


Democracy Investments Announces Jenny Johnson and Michael Levas to Join Advisory Board

December 16, 2021

Democracy Investments, advisor to the Democracy International Fund ETF (ticker DMCY), today announced that Jenny Johnson and Michael Levas will become members of its new advisory board to support the firm’s focus on advancing democracy with innovative financial products.


Democracy Investments Launches First Product, the Democracy International Fund (DMCY) ETF

April 05, 2021

Democracy Investments, a new company focused on promoting democracy by influencing capital flows in financial markets, announced the launch of their first product, the Democracy International Fund (DMCY) ETF.


Democracy Investments Acquires Exclusive Global License for The Economist's Democracy Index

March 15, 2021

Democracy Investments, a new company focused on promoting democracy by influencing capital flows in financial markets, has entered an exclusive global license agreement with the publisher of The Economist, The Economist Group, LTD, for the use of their Democracy Index

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