Provide investment strategies that grow democracy.

The Economist Democracy Index 2023 - Global Map by Democracy Score and Regime Type.

Democracy is under attack, globally.

Civil liberties, freedom of expression, and functioning of government are in decline, even in fully democratic countries.

The Problem

Over the last decade, markets have redirected capital towards authoritarians with different financial vehicles, often inadvertently. This presents a challenge to the global economic order.

Market Capitalization weighted Democracy Score by year for the Vanguard All-World Ex-US ETF portfolio. The long term trend is towards lower Democracy Scores (authoritarianism).

The Solution

An Index that includes democratic factors and reweights towards democracies with the intent to fuel their economic growth. This enables investing more in democracy and less in authoritarian regimes.

Reweighing an international portfolio with Democracy Scores reduces the trend toward investing in authoritarianism.

Democracy can be funded, with simple financial products

Our first product offering is an ETF, which are known for being low cost, tax efficient, liquid and as easy to trade as a stock.

Instead of passively investing in authoritarians, the ETF tracks a new index leveraging the Economist’s Democracy Index, enabling it to invest more in democracies and less in authoritarians.

Ready to be part of the solution?Keep reading to learn more about our methodology that makes this happen.

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